Adamant Mod

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Adamant Mod is a custom mod, or modification, of Malfador Machinations' 4X turn-based strategy game Space Empires IV. The mod pits interstellar empires wielding vastly different forms of technology against one another.

Adamant tends to focus on multiplayer gameplay, though it does have decent AI support for single player gaming. It's no TDM, but it works.

Adamant provides a much greater degree of flexibility in designing one's empire than the unmodded game does. There are many new traits available, some of them even representing disadvantages to the empire. The most notable of these are the paradigm traits: Physical, Organic, Magic, Energy, and Machine. Each empire must possess one, and only one, of the paradigm traits. A paradigm defines almost all technologies, components, etc. (everything really) that a race has. Physical races are normal technological races, similar to stock Space Empires IV. Organic races use living, sentient starships, organic planetary structures, and so on, relying on forced evolution to develop further capabilities. Magical races have a primitive level of technology, but can wield powerful magics to travel the cosmos. Energy races consist of pure energy. Machine races are similar to Physical races, except that they are sentient artificial intelligences, rather than naturally evolved organisms.

A primary design goal of Adamant is to expand the strategic options available to the player. Compared to the unmodified game, ship design is far more varied. The removal of the scale weapon mounts of stock Space Empires IV removes the dependence on large hull sizes for maximum effect. The implementation of Quasi Newtonian Propulsion (QNP) means that each ship requires the same percentage of its hull space devoted to engines to move at the same speed. The typical QNP system has been further adjusted by separating the supply storage ability of the engines to new reactor components. Designs ranging from heavy, lumbering juggernauts to fast, lightly armed picket ships are all possible and viable.

Another area where strategic options are expanded is gameplay balance. The weapons in the mod are fairly balanced, allowing multiple choices based on player style. Both shields and armor are viable (and necessary) defensive elements. The rampant affects of combat bonuses have been reduced. Nearly every aspect of Space Empires IV has been tweaked or revamped for gameplay balancing.

Various economic adjustments to the game were made in Adamant. Resource costs for ships and facility construction are far more balanced. Costs are still biased towards a primary resource based on paradigm, but all three resource types are non-trivial. To alleviate early game radioactive and organic problems, home worlds start with high levels of production in all three resource categories. Also, remote mining is a more viable tactic.