Adamant Mod Fighters Help Doc

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This guide will outline the use of Fighters in Adamant Mod as they differ from those in unmodded Space Empires IV.


Unlike stock SE4, Adamant Mod does not include any specialized components for fighter weapons or engines. Instead, all vehicles use the same components, modified via scale mounts for some types. Fighters are one of those vehicle types that rely on scale mounts. To add a weapon or an engine to a fighter, you must mount it. Different sized fighters use slightly different mounts for weapons, with different levels of power reductions. Engines, however, use the same mount for all fighters. In order to get these mounts to appear, you must first select a fighter size. They do not appear when no fighter size is selected.


Adamant Mod uses the leaky shield system, where shields essentially stop some damage from getting through, but some will tend to "leak through" the shield layers and do internal damage to the ship. This does not work on any units, however, because they do not have "internal damage"; they do not take damage to components, instead having a singlular hit point total, of which shields are a part of. So, leaky shields do not work on fighters, and they are not available for them in the mod. However, the hitpoints you can get from the armor available to fighters more than makes up for the loss of shield generators on them.

Orbital Fighter

Adamant Mod allows you to build some fighters from the beginning of the game, so called Orbital Fighters. These fighters represent the most primitive level of low-orbit capable fighter technology. These fighters can not move on the strategic map, only in combat. They can not use any engines, and instead of built-in movement bonuses. You can later on add Afterburners to them to get them to move faster in combat though.