Adamant Mod Settings Changes Help Doc

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This guide will outline the differences in the Settings.txt data file between Adamant Mod and unmodded Space Empires IV.

Number of Systems:
Adamant has a maximum number of systems per map of 255 instead of 100. Adamant maps are much larger than unmodded maps.

It costs 40% of the resource cost of a ship to unmothball it in Adamant, as opposed to 20% in unmodded SEIV.

In Adamant, trade treaties max out at 10% rather than 20%.

Events occur much more frequently in Adamant than they do in unmodded SEIV. Also, there are numerous beneficial events, rather than them all being harmful.

In unmodded SEIV, the Maintenance Aptitude trait lowers the base maintenance paid percentage. In Adamant, it is fixed to lower actual maintenance costs paid per turn instead. So, the Empire Starting Percent Maint Cost is at 100 instead of 25, and ships have a default 75% maintenance reduction ability (bases have 96%).

When invading a planet, there is one militia per 2 M population instead of per 20 M population. They are also individually a bit stronger. Invading planets is now more dangerous!

In Adamant, it takes 100 damage to kill one population instead of 10 damage. However, every shot that hits a planet with no cargo always destroys at least 1 M population, regardless of damage done (unless it is a special damage weapon).

Remote Mining:
Remote mining an asteroid field or planet does NOT decrease its value in Adamant, unlike unmodded SEIV. It makes little sense for remote mining to do so when building many more facilities on the planet does not decrease the values.

Population Modifiers:
There are many more levels of population modifiers, with finer gradations, in Adamant than there are in unmodded SEIV.

Racial Characteristics:
Racial Characteristics cost drastically different amounts than in unmodded SEIV in most cases. Too many changes to list here.

Rioting Planets:
In Adamant, rioting planets have 25% production/construction rates, rather than 0%.

Ground Combat Turns:
In Adamant, each round of ground combat consists of 2 turns rather than 10. This makes it take longer to invade a planet (often several months!), as well as allows reinforcements to be dropped/built by both sides during an invasion.

Ramming damage is reduced by 50% compared to unmodded SEIV. The attacking ship does 30% of its total structure in damage to the target. The target does 50% of its total structure in damage to the attacker.

Mega Evil Empire:
The score percent thresshold for a human empire becoming a Mega Evil Empire is 250% of the 2nd place player, rather than 170% in unmodded SEIV. For an AI empire to become Mega Evil Empire, it must have 300% the score of the 2nd place player, rather than 250%.

Blockaded Home System Score:
The home system provides 50% of its score value to the score calculations even if it has no spaceport, rather than 25%.

Storm Creation:
Created storms with Sector - Sight Obscuration can have a maximum cloak level of 5 instead of 2.

You can launch 500 satellites in a sector rather than just 100.

AI Players:
Generally, there will be more AI empires at each setting than in unmodded SEIV.