Adamant Mod Facilities

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Physical Race Facilities

The following facilities require the Physical Race racial trait:

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Name: Research Center Tech Req(s): Fundamental Physics, Pirate Race
Low-Tech workshop which develops new technology for a society.
Ability(s): Phased Shield Generation (5000), Point Generation - Research (350), Change Population Happiness - System (1), Resource Storage - Mineral (1500), Resource Storage - Organics (1500), Resource Storage - Radioactives (1500), Change Bad Event Chance - System (-15), Change Bad Intelligence Chance - System (-15), Point Generation - Intelligence (50)

Name: Radioactives Extraction Facility Tech Req(s): Radioactives Extraction, Normal Race
Large fusion reactors which process a planet's ore to generate refined high-energy materials.
Ability(s): Resource Generation - Radioactives (1300), Resource Storage - Radioactives (2600), AI Tag 03 (1300), Planet - Change Population Happiness (1), Planet - Change Conditions (-1)

Name: Research Center Tech Req(s): Applied Research, Normal Race
High-Tech researching facility which develops new technology for a society.
Ability(s): Point Generation - Research (500), Point Generation - Intelligence (50), Planet - Change Population Happiness (1)

Name: Radioactives Resource Storage Tech Req(s): Cargo
Large warehouses which store unused resources for an empire.
Ability(s): Resource Storage - Radioactives (40000)

Name: Radioactives Collider Tech Req(s): Radioactives Extraction, Physics
Advanced ore bombardment and processing improves radioactives extraction for an entire planet.
Ability(s): Resource Gen Modifier Planet - Radioactives (45)

Name: Resource Converter Tech Req(s): Resource Manipulation
Massive molecular converter which can transform resources to different types.
Ability(s): Resource Conversion (30)

Name: Radioactives Improvement Plant Tech Req(s): Planet Utilization
Massive planet reprocessors which improve the radioactive value of a planet.
Ability(s): Planet - Change Radioactives Value (3)

Name: Radar Station Tech Req(s): Fundamental Physics
Short range scanning facility that uses reflecting radar waves to analyze nearby objects in the system.
Ability(s): Long Range Scanner (1)

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