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Patch 0.16.05 Released [ 2007-10-23 06:20:48 ]

Version 0.16.05 - 22 October 2007:
1. Fixed - Clawed Appendages can no longer be mounted on troops.
2. Fixed - Passive Stealth Field now requires Electromagnetic Studies instead of Chemistry.
3. Fixed - Tritanium Alloy now really requires Titanium Alloy 4, not Tritanium Alloy 4.

- Fyron

Patch 0.16.04 Released [ 2007-07-25 06:36:23 ]

Version 0.16.04 - 24 July 2007:
1. Fixed - Levinstorms no longer mention monsters and the astral plane.
2. Fixed - Machine Fighter Bays are now available at levels 1-2.
3. Fixed - Magnetic Manipulation now has 3 levels.
4. Fixed - Machine High-Energy Discharge Weapons now requires Machine Gravitic Propulsion.
5. Fixed - Nucleonic Thresher Torpedo III now requires level 4 tech instead of 3.
6. Changed - Magic point defense weapons changed to Ward of Disruption (anti-fighter), Ward of Undoing (anti-seeker), and Ward of Disjunction (aegis defense grid).
7. Changed - Aegis Defense Grid (except Organic) now has Shield Generation From Damage ability.
8. Changed - Lowered damage of non-Organic Aegis Defense Grids.

- Fyron

Patch 0.16.03 Released [ 2007-05-01 11:33:33 ]

Version 0.16.03:
1. Changed - Many Energy race components now use the stylized stock components from the Image Mod (pack 29).
2. Changed - Magic Combat Sensor component is now True Sight.
3. Fixed - Medium Integrity Field I now has 21 shield points, rather than 20.
4. Changed - Intelligence percent bonus facilities now require advanced Applied Intelligence facilities. This brings them in line with the research bonus facilities.
5. Added - Prototype resource facilities which allow space to be planned from the beginning of the game.

- Fyron

Patch 0.16.02 Released [ 2007-01-29 10:33:03 ]

The mod has been updated to version 0.16.02. You can find a download link on the Download page.

Version History
1. Fixed - Medium Flowsteel armor now has the correct structure.
2. Changed - Carriers now require 30% fighter bays and 20% cargo bays, instead of 50% fighter bays.
3. Changed - Revamped unit Crystalline Armor to match the new ground combat system. There are now 6 levels, to maintain relevancy at all levels of tech. Troop and Bunker armor are now separate and designed to match the regular versions.
4. Fixed - Dark Elves now have Ice trait instead of Rock.
5. Fixed - Atmospheric Probes now have the correct abilities.
6. Changed - Ram Source Modifier Percent is now 15 instead of 30. This makes the attacking ship in a ram do half the damage as previously. The defending ship will still do 50% damage to the attacker.
7. Change - Gaian Presence now has its own family number. It will no longer interfere with other climate facilities.
8. Fixed - Medium number of players restored to 8 to 12 empires.
9. Fixed - Sonne AI General file was not providing correct trait selection.
10. Fixed - Tritanium Alloy now requires Titanium Alloy 4, not Tritanium Alloy 4.

- Fyron

New PBW Game: Adamant Rumble [ 2006-11-11 01:59:40 ]

Announcing a new PBW game using Adamant 0.16.01. The goal of this game is to cram as many players as possible into a tiny map area. It won't be a single system rumble or anything, but expect to meet neighbors very rapidly.

The game will use Adamant 0.16; 0.15 is only selected because 0.16 is not set up on PBW yet.

game link


Tech trading is allowed, so long as it is of roughly equal value for both parties involved.

Make sure to read the Empire Setup file in the Help folder, and follow the guidelines in it. Specifically, you are required to list all advanced racial traits you chose in the Biological Description portion of your empire file. And, don't take more than one paradigm race trait (Physical, Organic, Magic, Mechanical, Energy) and do not take more than one of the Natives trait types.

Do not take Roleplay Elements trait; this isn't a RP game.

No duplicate ship sets allowed. Make sure to select the set you are using when you upload your empire file from the drop down list (even if it is a Stock set).

Population trading is disallowed. You may not trade population with other empires, period.

Surrender is disallowed. Therefore, gifting all of your planets, ships, etc. to another empire, which is an attempt to subvert this rule, is also disallowed. If you happen to see other players do this in the game, tell me, and I will investigate the situation. If this rule has been broken, I will upload an old turn to prevent it from happening, and I will consider kicking the offending players from the game.

Bug exploits are not allowed. They will be listed as they are discovered (though more likely will be patched ASAP). If you are unsure of something, please do not hesitate to ask me about it.

Starting resources: 20000
Starting planets: 3
Home planet value: Good
Score display: Own
Technology level: Medium
Racial points: 3000
Quadrant type: Something
Quadrant size: Tiny
Event frequency: Medium
Event severity: High
Technology cost: Medium
Victory conditions: Last player standing.
Maximum units: 20k
Maximum ships: 20k
Computer players: NONE
Computer difficulty: High
Computer player bonus: None
Neutral empires: No

- Fyron

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