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Version 0.16.01 Released [ 2006-11-08 03:45:23 ]

Adamant Mod version 0.16.01 has been released.

You can get the patch here.

Version 0.16.01 - 07 November 2006:
Files Altered: Components.txt, Facilitiy.txt, RacialTraits.txt, Settings.txt, AI_Facility_Construction.txt files, AI_Design_Creation.txt files
1. Changed - AI now builds planetary happiness facilities.
2. Fixed - Neutral AIs now have proper AI files.
3. Changed - Happiness racial characteristic can no longer be lowered below 100%.
4. Chanded - Emotionless trait now costs 1500 points (up from 500 points when combined with lowering Happiness to 50%).
5. Fixed - SY Expansion - Minerals is now buildable.
6. Added - Research Centers now have AI Tag 06, so the AI can build them over Metropolis.
7. Fixed - Small RW Generators require 6000 kt of cabling/plating, instead of 2000 kt.
8. Changed - Revamped fighter weapons.
9. Fixed - AI will now design troops.

- Fyron

Adamant 0.16.00 Released [ 2006-11-03 12:43:41 ]

Almost 2 years since the last release, version 0.16.00 of Adamant Mod has finally been released.

There are many, many changes in this update, which you can review in the History file.

Download links:

Torrent (need uTorrent or similar)

Adamant FQM - 46.6 MB (all images)
Adamant Full - 21.6 MB (no system images)
Adamant Lite - 2.6 MB (no shipsets)

- Fyron

Weapons Redesign Discussion [ 2006-01-31 00:44:47 ]

After reviewing the weapons of the mod, I have come to the conclusion that different paradigms aren't all that different. There are minor differences, but they are just details.

To remedy this, I am contemplating starting over on all of the weapons. Each paradigm will have some non-autofire PD weapons and 10 other weapons. These 10 weapons will include every ship weapon, from beams to missiles to special damage types. The weapons will all be, say, 500 kT, with mounts providing a variety of scaled options. Each weapon will have 15 levels, split into groups of 3: a low tech version requiring almost no theoretical techs, a medium tech version requiring moderate theoretical techs (and the low tech version), and a high tech version.

Each paradigm should have some general theme to their weaponry. For example, organic races might focus on short ranged claw weapons and missiles. Energy races might focus on long range beams (where long range is going to be about 8 or so, with more weapons limited to ranges like 3 and 5, especially in the early game).

This system should hopefully make the weapon selection of each paradigm unique, thus creating different strengths and weaknesses.

You can discuss this in this thread over in the Adamant forums.

- Fyron

Site Settings Page Added [ 2005-12-28 10:17:08 ]

Rather than relying on just alternate style sheets, there is now a cookie settings page where you can choose the site style you wish to use. This can be used from any browser that handles cookies.

- Fyron

Alternate Style Sheets Added [ 2005-12-23 03:49:46 ]

I have added support for alternate style sheets. The alternates are currently Blue, Dark Red, and Green.

To use them, you will need a standards-compliant web browser, such as any of the Mozilla branch. Unfortunately, Firefox does not by default remember your selection when you visit a different page... There is an extension called Style Sheet Chooser that remedies this oversight.

- Fyron

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