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Site Launched [ 2005-12-04 05:01:19 ]

The new site has been officially launched!

No longer are there separate W3C and IE versions of the site. All vestiges of frames have been eliminated.

A new Database section has been added, which contains detailed information on all of the Components, Facilities, Technologies, and Racial Traits in the mod.

The News page features a new RSS feed for easy syndication of Adamant Mod news. This RSS feed has been added to the list of feeds on your SEnet Account page.

- Fyron

Help Docs [ 2005-12-01 11:47:41 ]

A new Docs page has been added. This contains all of the info in the Help folder included with the mod.

- Fyron

Screenshots Section Added [ 2005-12-01 03:52:02 ]

I've fleshed out the Screenshots section, adding the ability for an admin to add them to the db backend via web forms. All of the screenshots from the old Adamant site have been ported over.

- Fyron

RSS News Feeds Added [ 2005-12-01 00:41:03 ]

Added category based RSS news feeds. You can view either all news or jus news from a specific category, currently main page and dev page.

- Fyron

News Page Added [ 2005-11-30 13:03:14 ]

Added a database driven news page today. Not much news to report, but hopefully in time.

Also, the Technologies, Components and Facilities links have been concatenated into one Database page to reduce clutter. This will also make it easier to add in new data sections, such as ship sizes, without clutter.

On the code end, much of the code for the data sections has been functionalized for smaller script sizes and easier maintenance. The scripts are getting closer to release all the time.

- Fyron

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