Adamant Mod Screenshots

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The following images are screen shots of the mod in action.

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Flag Bridge
Flag Bridge thumbnail
The Flag Bridge is the command and control center of an entire fleet.
Recon Satellite Bay
Recon Satellite Bay thumbnail
The Recon Satellite Bay makes it simple to create satellite launchers that launch only a single satellite, thus eliminating the need for a second ship.
Aegis Defense Grid
Aegis Defense Grid thumbnail
Combining point defense with shielding, the Aegis Defense Grid provides protection against both seekers and direct fire weapons.
Reflex Center
Reflex Center thumbnail
The Reflex Center is the Organic equivalent to Auxilliary Control. These components provide small combat bonuses, making them more attractive than in stock.
Immune System
Immune System thumbnail
Boarding components list their ability values, making it easier to determine how many you need.
Light Cellulose Wall
Light Cellulose Wall thumbnail
An example of light leaky armor, which is designed to provide more raw hit points at the expense of a higher penetration rate.
Glyph of Contingency
Glyph of Contingency thumbnail
Boarding defense components are half the size, making it possible to protect your ships against capture without sacrificing all of their tonnage..
Ethereal Mana Barrier
Ethereal Mana Barrier thumbnail
The mod uses leaky shields, which only protect against part of every shot, rather than providing a solid wall.
Illusiary Armor
Illusiary Armor thumbnail
Many levels have been added to cloaking devices, including "stealth armor."
Spaceport thumbnail
Spaceports allow you to trade resources with local merchants, acting as prmitive Resource Converters.
System Hospital
System Hospital thumbnail
System hospitals see to the well being of your populace, similar to stock Organic Medical Centers.
Monolithic Resource Storage
Monolithic Resource Storage thumbnail
The higher levels of resource storage components act like Monolith facilities, streamlining storage facility construction.

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