Adamant Mod Technologies

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Energy Race Technologies

The following technologies require the Energy Race racial trait:

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Name: Energy Base Fabrication Tech Req(s): Spark of Life
The generation of energy bases which exist completely in space.

Name: Energy Troops Tech Req(s): Spark of Life, Magnetic Manipulation
The fabrication of ground troops used to capture planets.

Name: Energy Spikes Tech Req(s): Energy-form Fabrication
The construction of small space mines.

Name: Energy Weapon Platforms Tech Req(s):
The construction of planet-based weapons platforms.

Name: Energy Resupply Tech Req(s):
Equipment necessary to resupply ships in space.

Name: Energy Quantum Mechanics Tech Req(s): Energy Resupply, Electromagnetic Studies, Stellar Physics, Energy Resource Manipulation
Equipment which generates limitless supplies for a ship in space.

Name: Electromagnetic Sensors Tech Req(s): Electromagnetic Studies
Sensors which detect objects in space by analyzing incoming electro-magnetic waves.

Name: Electromagnetic Scanners Tech Req(s): Electromagnetic Studies
Scanners which can analyze details of other starships.

Name: Energy Spike Sweeping Tech Req(s): Electromagnetic Studies
The ability to sweep small energy spikes from a minefield before they can detonate.

Name: Energy Resource Manipulation Tech Req(s): Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic Studies, Living Energy
Technology to convert resources from one type to another.

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