Adamant Mod Technologies

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Energy Race Technologies

The following technologies require the Energy Race racial trait:

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Name: Warp Point Manipulation (Energy) Tech Req(s): Stellar Physics, Electromagnetic Studies, Stellar Energy Manipulation
Technology to manipulate warp points.

Name: Wave Dynamics Tech Req(s):
The science dealing with the manipulation of waveforms.

Name: Weapon Concealment (Energy) Tech Req(s): Military Theory, Wave Dynamics
Mount system designed to mask the signature of a weapon, making it difficult to locate and target.

Name: Weapon Reinforcement (Energy) Tech Req(s): Military Theory, Magnetic Manipulation
Mount system designed to provide structural reinforcement to a weapon, allowing it to absorb more damage before being rendered inoperable.

Clicking on the name of a component displays a page of more detailed information for that component.

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