Adamant Mod Technologies

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The following technologies are present in the mod:

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Name: Dimensional Pockets Tech Req(s): Spellcraft
The ability to create dimensional pockets in which various sorts of "cargo" can be stored and retrieved.

Name: Drone Cargo Tech Req(s): Fundamental Robotics
The ability to store and transport cargo through space.

Name: Darklight Armor Tech Req(s): Alchemy, Transmutation, Ironwood Armor
Non-standard armor used on the exterior of a starship which can hide it from detection by EM passive scanners.

Name: Drone Screening Tech Req(s): Electronics
Stealth technology only suitable for use on mines.

Name: Decentralized Nervous Systems Tech Req(s): Biosynthesis
Advanced decentralized nervous systems.

Name: Drones Tech Req(s):
The construction of small self-directed space vehicles.

Name: Death Ethos Tech Req(s): Religious Studies
The specific utilization of the worship of death to achieve goals.

Name: Divination Tech Req(s):
The study of spells used to learn secrets long forgotten, to predict the future, to find hidden things, and to fold deceptions.

Name: Discharge Weapons Tech Req(s): Bioenergetics, Arc Weapons
Weapons which discharge built up electricity at other ships.

Name: Dispel Evocation Tech Req(s): Military Theory, Spellcraft
Weapons designed to damage weapons on enemy spelljammers.

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