Adamant Mod Technologies

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The following technologies are present in the mod:

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Name: Illusiary Armor Tech Req(s): Alchemy, Illusion, Ironwood Armor
Non-standard armor used on the exterior of a starship which can hide it from detection by EM active scanners.

Name: Invisibility Tech Req(s): Illusion
Illusory spells that make ships seem invisible on sensors.

Name: Integration Tech Req(s): Overmind Engineering
Advanced technology used for miniaturizing and automating basic ship functions.

Name: Infiltrators Tech Req(s):
The capability of an empire to train covert operations agents and to establish an intelligence network.

Name: Immune System Advancement Tech Req(s): Evolutionary Biology
Medical development to manipulate organic materials.

Name: Imperial Administration Tech Req(s):
Organization of local systems into unified centers for purposes of taxation, governance, and uniformity.

Name: Industry Ethos Tech Req(s): Religious Studies
The specific utilization of the worship of hard labor and industriousness to achieve goals.

Name: Industry Tech Req(s):
The science of creating and utilizing large scale manufacturing machinery.

Name: Illusion Tech Req(s):
The study of spells that deceive the senses or minds of others.

Name: Infrared Laser Weapons Tech Req(s): Physics, Laser Weapons
Weapons which fire infrared lasers at other ships.

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